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3 Foods You Must Ad To Your Prostate Diet Plan

Did you know that the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that antioxidants may help reduce the risk and combat the symptoms of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)? Otherwise known as enlarged prostate.  Of course, we have heard a great deal about an enlarged prostate over the past decades and as scientific research pushes forward in this area, we are learning that there are many natural ways to keep your prostate healthy.  Setting up a proper prostate diet can make a huge difference in your overall well being.

A healthy prostate can be critical to a man's wellbeing, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too.  Problems with your prostate can lead to mental anguish due to feelings of inadequacy.  On the other hand, a healthy prostate can lead to greater confidence that can have a very positive impact on all areas of your life.

So what foods can you add to your diet to promote a healthy prostate?  Below are the top 3 antioxidant fruits and vegetables you should be eating on a daily basis.

Tomato for AntioxidantsTomatoes are a must addition to any diet for promoting a healthy prostate.  Tomatoes are high in antioxidant ingredients.  They are also high in lycopene, which has been proven to be an anticarcinogen and a very powerful disease fighter.  It has been said that for the best rate of absorption of lycopene in digestion is when it is eaten with some sort of fat content.  Therefore spaghetti sauce with some olive oil or omega 3 fatty acids should help your body get the most benefit from your tomatoes.

green tea antioxidantGreen Tea is an excellent way to get those critical anti-oxidants into your body.  It's easy to prepare and easy to drink.  It can be served chilled or hot any time of the day.  Green Tea is high in catechin polyphenols which promote fat oxidation and thermogenesis.  Not only will Green Tea help pull those harmful toxins out of your body that affect your prostate and other organs, it helps you burn fat.  Keep in mind that exercise is critical to staying healthy all around.

berries antioxidant prostateBerries are great tasting and loaded with antioxidants.  Berries are easy to get, and easy to eat.  They can be eaten ala carte, or added to top of a great breakfast.  Raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are easy to get berries from your local grocery store.  Strawberries are extremely high in vitamin C too.  Not only do antioxidants help combat cancer it keep those unfriendly free radicals away from your prostate.

These foods are highly beneficial to your overall health and because they are so high in antoxidants and anticarcinogenic nutrients they can go a long way in keeping your prostate healthy.  Remember, if everything is functioning properly, you can't help but have a heightened sense of well being.

Keep in mind that Anticarcinogenic nutrients help in the destruction of cancer cells, or help fight these cancer cells, and antioxidants are agents that may protect your body's cell from the affects of free radicals that enter our body from the foods we eat or from our environment, like smoke, pollution and even radiation.  Free radicals cause cell damage and could actually play a big part in cancer and other diseases.  So if your worried about your prostate then think about putting some prostate diet foods in your daily meals.

You can even think about adding in a prostate health supplement and attend Prostate Massage Therapy.  All in all, do what you can, when you can.