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Chelsea renewed their conflict with Barcelona, City get lucky, Liverpool and United should both advance, while Spurs aim to create more history

1 Juventus v Tottenham Hotspur

First leg 13 February Second leg 7 March

Tottenham fans of any particular disposition had an opportunity to panicked at sucking the mighty Juventus, but then again those same allies might not have exactly greeted being matched with Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid of the working group stagecoach either. And perhaps they truly shouldn't be scared: Juve were not exactly persuading in the first round and currently sit an impossible third in Serie A. They might be back amply shelling by the time this knot was coming in February but Tottenham's ability to get themselves roused for( most) big game could see them chop down another Euro giant. Either method, this could be the knot of the round.

Prediction Tottenham

2 Basel v Manchester City

First leg 13 February Second leg 7 March

Once he's finished mopping milk out of his eyes, and if he has a sudden, uncharacteristic erupt of brotherly and communal dignity, Jose Mourinho might be able to give Pep Guardiola a notice about taking Basel lightly. The defeat in Switzerland was the only disfigure on Manchester United's group stage, but it would be one of “the worlds biggest” offends of recent years if City were similarly undone. City have blown away almost every unit that has spanned their path this season, and it is indeed persuasion to speculate by how many purposes they will win, rather than if they are able to. Disallowing a City calamity or a perfectly performed Basel defensive proposal, Guardiola's side will progress.

Prediction Manchester City

Michael Lang's last-gasp win control Basel shock Manchester United on their method to second place in Group A. Photo: Patrick Straub/ AP

3 Porto v Liverpool

First leg 14 February Second leg 6 March

This might be the affiliation where anything could happen. Neither area precisely strode through to this stage with prescribing swagger, Liverpool's twinned implosions against Sevilla very nullifying out making Maribor to the cleansers. Porto tottered through perhaps the most difficult group in the round, with exclusively a pair of floggings against a gutted Monaco side to boast about, although they are yet to lose a domestic activity. You never know quite what to expect from Liverpool: they're similarly capable of siding out the conceal of a lifetime, eking their room through unconvincingly or completely crumbling. But, if pushed for a projection, they should just go through.

Prediction Liverpool

4 Sevilla v Manchester United

First leg 21 February Second leg 13 March

A ticklish one for Manchester United. The last-place two teams to triumph the Europa League meet in the big cup, and while obviously United are favourites and should go through, they might not know what to expect from Sevilla. The Spanish side have suffered a slightly patchy domestic season as yet and a European campaign that, despite those fine drafts against Liverpool, was otherwise pretty up and down. Plus, while it seems crass to mention it in this relatively unimportant context, Eduardo Berizzo's prostate cancer diagnosis( he recently had successful surgery) adds another mantle of misgiving. Sevilla be able to make scandalizing United, but they probably won't.

Prediction Manchester United

Zinedine Zidane must find a way past PSG if Real Madrid are to objection for a third straight Champions League title. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/ AFP/ Getty Images

5 Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain

First leg 14 February Second leg 6 March

The large-hearted daddy. The colossus. The hold that will leave Uefa's clothings prancing up and down, applauding and shrieking like a toddler who's just got a brand-new puppy for Christmas. Old money vs new money, the built magnificence vs the fresh upstarts. This is like one of those cinemas in which one giant being or robot smashes another beings being or robot for two hours. Whether you find those kind of movies entertaining or not is wholly down to your personal smell, as with this game: you are able to think it's more a occasion of busines than football, but it is necessarily has become a spectacle. And, for the sake of potpourrus, it might be better for the rival if PSG go through.

Prediction Paris St-Germain

6 Shakhtar Donetsk v Roma

First leg 21 February Second leg 13 March

Comfortably the most low-key fasten of the round, this is like one of those activities that could actually turn out to be a humdinger, and one of those that the 23 people who watch it on Tv will talk about for years. Shakhtar certainly produced one of the most impressive carries-on during the first round in qualifying ahead of Napoli, trailed by some as a dark horse to go deep into the tournament, while Roma's two games against Chelsea exposed their own potential, very. You get the sense that Roma haven't fairly sounded this season, but in a tighten tie-up they should just about have enough to go through.

Prediction Roma

After an inconsistent group place campaign, Chelsea take on Barcelona, a team they have faced in some classic meetings. Image: Garcia/ BPI/ Rex/ Shutterstock

7 Chelsea v Barcelona

First leg 20 February Second leg 14 March

Ronaldinho's magnificent toe-punt. Michael Ballack chasing referee Tom Henning Ovrebo. Fernando Torres irresponsibly discounting his defensive the obligations and scoring one of the greatest purposes in Chelsea's history. Andres Iniesta arrowing his shot into the top corner. Didier Drogba in flip-flops shrieking” It's a infamy” into the Tv camera. When paired together Chelsea and Barcelona nearly seem allergic to dullnes, incapable of producing anything but drama and stimulating meetings in the Champions League. Who knows what will happen this time, but such is two talented more flawed teams with a history of needle-filled commotion. Strap in.

Prediction Barcelona

8 Bayern Munich v Besiktas

First leg 20 February Second leg 14 March

No easy games in the Champions League, anyone can beat anyone on their day, etc and so on and so forth: but this is probably the most wonderful hold of the round to bawl. Bayern Munich might have started the season in stuttering anatomy under Carlo Ancelotti, and even now with Jupp Heynckes they aren't accurately the undefeatable giants they could be. But they will surely make relatively short piece of Besiktas, whose squad listing predicts like a who's who of” Oh, I was wondering where he'd gone .” The Turkish side surpassed their group but are a remote fourth in the Super Lig, so even a slightly off-colour Bayern will have too much.

Prediction Bayern Munich

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