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Elon Musk seems exhausted.

The Tesla CEO told the New York Times that he’s been logging 120 -hour work weeks lately, and it’s taking a charge on his well-being.

” It’s not been great, actually, ” Musk told the Times. “I’ve had acquaintances come by who are really concerned.”

He even missed out on his own birthday the summer months and exclusively carved out a few hours away from the factory for his brother’s bridal. Musk also said he hasn’t made more than a full week off of part since 2001, when he got malaria.

If Musk is rightfully labouring 120 -hour weeks on a regular basis, that intends his work days are a minimum of 17 -plus hours — seven days a week.

“There were ages when I didn’t leave the factory for three or four daytimes — daytimes when I didn’t go outside, ” he told the Times.

Based on Musk's own numbers, there are only a maximum of seven hours per epoch that he's not working. So he's almost certainly going far less than seven hours of shut-eye per night.

In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention( CDC) recommends all adults from 18 -6 0 years old get at least seven hours of sleep a night, because get less than that can regulate you up for “obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, coronary myocardial infarction, movement, frequent mental distress” and fatality. But CDC examinations indicate Musk isn't the only bleary-eyed one out there not following the advice: about a third of adults in the US aren’t get their recommended dose of sleep.

The hazards of sleep deprivation

Sleep expert and neuroscientist Matthew Walker, who directs the sleep and neuroimaging laboratory at UC Berkeley, studies what a lack of sleep to be done in order to a person’s figure. He regularly dedicates sleep opinion to the NBA, NFL, and Pixar , amongst other.

Walker recently parted up his overall posture on snoozing for Business Insider: “The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life.”

That's not hyperbole — Walker's research suggests that routinely getting only six or seven hours of shut-eye per night can do serious long-term damage to your health, and in some cases even kill you. He speculates everyone should aim for between seven and eight hours a night on the pillow.

Walker is such an evangelist about this, that in his life, he generates himself a strict eight hours of “sleep opportunity” each night. That symbolizes he's in berth for at least eight hours, even though it is he devotes a portion of that time falling asleep and waking up. He says that schedule be keeping him fertile, as well as emotionally and physically fit.

How going less than seven hours of sleep changes your body and brain

If you're not sleeping fairly, “you will be both dead sooner, and a better quality of their own lives had been greatly worse, ” Walker told Business Insider. Here's why.

1. Sleep deprivation saps accumulations of your “natural killer cells, ” a type of lymphocyte( lily-white blood corpuscle) that nix tumor and virus cadres. A single 4- or 5-hour nighttime of sleep could lower your body's “natural killer” cadre weigh by around 70%, Walker says.

2. Missing sleep can put your organization on a crash course for chronic disease. Meagre sleep has been linked to increased the case of an Alzheimer's, obesity, blow, and diabetes. Lack of sleep also changes how insulin operates in your body and how quickly your cells absorb sugar. After a few weeks of sleep-deprived nighttimes( five or six hours ), medical doctors could diagnose you with pre-diabetes, Walker says. That means your blood-sugar stages are promoted enough that you're on track to become a diabetic. Long-term damage caused to your soul, blood vessels, and kidneys could previously be in motion.

3. Insufficient sleep constructs the body a better breeding ground for cancer. Sleepiness is now being blamed for cases of colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. An off-kilter sleep schedule may also give rise to cancer, because it movements melatonin to be curbed. The World Health Organization calls darknes manipulate a “probable carcinogen.”

Of course , not everybody's torso works in exactly the same way.