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Media captionThe rise and fall of Max Clifford

Publicist Max Clifford was labelled by some as a purveyor of sleaze.

Rarely away from media attention, he became as far-famed as the personalities he represented.

He stretched affluent on the starts but claimed his real motive was his hatred of hypocrisy in public life.

But he found himself on the receiving end of unwelcome advertising when he was penitentiary in 2014 after being imprisoned of offences of indecent assault.

Maxwell Frank Clifford was abide in Kingston Upon Thames in Surrey on 6 April 1943, the lad of an electrician.

The family contended financially , not least because of his father's alcoholism and gambling.

He left school at 15 and subsisted simply four months in his first undertaking at a department store in Wimbledon before he was sacked.

His brother Bernard was active in a etch organization and secured Clifford a hassle at the Eagle comic as an editorial assistant.

Image copyright Max Clifford Image caption His early years were disfigured by his father's alcoholism

When the comic moved to brand-new assertions, Clifford made redundancy, bought a house and travelled creation as a writer at the South London Press, long seen as a nursery for aspiring Fleet street hacks.

After a few years he got a job in the written press ties-in district of evidence corporation EMI.

He was the only journalist in the department and he claimed he was announced on to help start the career of The Beatles.

He moved on to work for a PR company, where he treated the singers Paul and Barry Ryan and met their stepfather, who represented Frank Sinatra.

Kiss and tell

At the age of 27 he started his own company, looking after UK press for big names like Marlon Brando, Marvin Gaye and Muhammad Ali.

But it was a somewhat less exalted musician who imparted Clifford national publicity.

Comedian Freddie Starr was looking to beat up coverage for a forthcoming tour.

Clifford developed a floor about Starr making a rodent sandwich after a late-night gig, spawning the Sun's famed headline Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster.

Image copyright News International Image caption It turned out the story was a prank

The day after he set a photograph with Starr containing a hamster, which was dubbed Sandwich for the occasion.

Clifford went on to handle innumerable kiss-and-tell stories including the 1989 event of Pamella Bordes, who had been dating an forearms marketer, a Conservative MP and a newspaper writer at the same time.

Max Clifford dies in infirmary aged 74

How Clifford tried to revolved his test

Image caption de Sancha afterward disclaimed Mellor had worn a Chelsea piece

Image caption Thanks to Clifford Jade Goody was rarely out of the public eye

Image caption During his inquiry he accused his the number of victims of being fantasists

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