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I cant wait for the episode where John Goodman blows the vacation coin be paid by a porn ace, Colbert said

Late-night emcees on Thursday discussed Donald Trump's appointment of White House physician Ronny Jackson as secretary of veterans affairs and Trump's comments on the success of the Roseanne reboot.

Stephen Colbert

” Today, the president was in Ohio talking about infrastructure ,” inaugurated Stephen Colbert.” Check your calendars: it is ever infrastructure week .”

Colbert presented a clip of Trump extolling” his favorite part of build “: the smell of a creation locate.” I desire it, it's the smell of lends from my daddy and tower bankruptcy ,” the multitude mockery.” But again, this was an infrastructure rally, so naturally he talked about Roseanne .”

In more footage from the addres, Trump admired the brand-new season of Roseanne, in which Roseanne's character is a Trump supporter.” Gape at her ratings !” Trump bawled, referencing the 18 million people who tuned into the premiere.” And it was about us !”

” I haven't seen it more, but Roseanne is about the Trumps ?” announced Colbert.” I can't wait for the occurrence where John Goodman blows the trip fund paying off a porn adept .”

” Trump, at the same rally, boasted about the changes he made in the veterans affairs ,” asked the multitude , mentioning the adjournment of David Shulkin and appointment of Ronny Jackson.

” One of reasons why Shulkin lost his job is that he mistreated his wandering such privileges and was accused of lying about it ,” Colbert alleged, before evaluating Jackson's credentials for the job.” Now, I'm sure he's a good doctor. No reason to believe he's not. He was Obama's doctor, too. The VA is the second largest organization in our authority, serving 22 million veterans. And Jackson is just some guy he matched wearing a newspaper cape .”

” Evidently, Trump just hires parties he witnesses around him ,” he ended.” We are one delivery away from having defense minister Dominos chap .”

Trevor Noah

Comedy Central's Trevor Noah also addressed the personnel change at the VA.

” Yesterday, President Trump tweet-announced that he was appointing the White House specialist Adm Ronny Jackson to be the new secretary of veterans affairs ,” said here multitude.” As with the majority Trump decisions, it seemed like this might be a awfully cruel, bad mind .”

The host then showed many bulletin times in which reporters wondered if Jackson was unaware, given that he's never succeeded a government agency before, let alone one as big as the VA.

The Daily Show (@ TheDailyShow)

TONIGHT: Racing the VA is no easy task, but then again, neither is treating Trump's prostate. byjNhLsI9K

March 30, 2018

” Unprepared? They say this about every Trump party ,” Noah mockery.” They said the same stuff about Trump and gaze, everything's going enormous .”

” In my views, all those who had braced Trump's scrotum while he coughs is prepared for anything in this nature ,” Noah continued.” This guy has probed deeper than even Robert Mueller has. But while fingering Donald Trump's prostate may sound like a nonsense, the veterans affairs bureau does not .”

Noah then explained that the government's second-largest enterprise has a budget excess $ 200 bn per year and over 360,000 employees.

” Finagling a $200 bn a year company is no big assignment ,” Noah spoke.” That's bigger than General Machine. Like, you wouldn't announce,' Yo, my friend Ralphie's a great driver. I think he should flow GM .'”

Noah agreed:” But that's mostly what Trump does. He wants his personal aviator to run the FAA. For Housing and Urban Development he was like:' Yo, Ben Carson. You're urban. You make. And now, for veterans affairs, Trump is like,' He's my doctor, he's a ex-serviceman, I have affairs. It's perfect .'”

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