Prostate Massage Therapy Powerful Benefits

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Prostate Milking – 4 Incredible Benefits

Prostate milking therapy also commonly known as prostate massage is the act of stimulating the prostate gland, an organ positioned between bladder and the rectum. It is done for either sexual or medical reasons. To be precise, it's a manual expression that inflicts secretion when pressure is applied on the prostate. Prostate milking has been supported for more than four decades by medical doctors as the natural way to aid with different prostate problems.

prostate milkingThere are two ways to massage prostate; one is to do it externally and the other is by doing it internally. Among these two ways the internal massage is most effectual. Nonetheless, external massage is also helpful. There are a number of benefits associated with prostate milking, and if this therapy is applied properly, one can overcome and prevent prostate ailments or disorders. It's just a matter of doing it the right and safe way. Below are some of the benefits of prostate massage therapy.

1. It Relieves Swelling And Pain From Prostatitis

Prostatitis is the disease in which bacteria develops in the prostate glands. The bacteria cause prostate glands to become swollen and painful. In most cases, these bacteria can shed themselves from prostate gland, should the prostate become swollen, the acini within the prostate glands shut and the bacteria get trapped inflicting additional pain and swelling. Prostate massage therapy ensures that a fresh blood circulation is brought in the prostate, enabling it to flush and prevent the bacteria from getting trapped inside.

2. It Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer can be avoided through massaging the prostate. This is because it cleanses the prostate gland. Doing so helps to evade any kind of bacteria from staying within the prostates. When that happens, prostate conditions like BPH, prostatitis as well as blood poisoning can be avoided easily. Men with healthy prostates are less prone to developing prostate cancer.

3. Regular Orgasm

The massaging of prostates can promote relaxation and, in turn, frequent ejaculation. Regular orgasm has many healthy, non sexual advantages. Massaging prostate glands will promote the production of the fluid in your prostate and bring a fresh blood circulation to the pelvic. This fresh blood circulation will bring nutrients and oxygen, allowing for a healthy cell function in the prostate as well as the surrounding area.

4. It Improves Erectile Dysfunction

A lot of men suffering from erectile dysfunction find that constant prostate massages aid to bring them back to the normal sexual function. Although erectile dysfunction can be inflicted by muscular constriction, it may also be inflicted by past abuses or neglects. Regular prostate milking can increase seminal fluids and can, eventually, help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction to overcome the problem.

Prostate massage can be done by yourself, but try to make sure that you don't harm yourself. Before you do the massage, make sure that your nails are short and your hands clean since you will be utilizing them to stimulate your prostate. A prostate massager comes in handy. When your prostate is infected, it would be good not to do the massage because it could spread out the bacteria leading to a more severe problem.

Dr. Oz performing a prostate exam.  You can use this video to help locate your own prostate.

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